Wellness and Spa

Come and get new energy

Forget the daily worries and find peace in our wellness centre. Dicover the place which is oasis for your body and soul. Genuine experience is not only fascinating architecture of our wellnes, with relaxing game of colors and lights, but beautiful view at the Lysá mountain while resting on our pool chairs. Choose from variety of massages, baths and therapies. New day can begin with light stretch in our heated indoor pool, which is aviable from morning. Other procedures are avaiable after lunch, 3 – 8 pm. If you are loooking for absolute privacy you can rent the wellness center just for yourself or your close friends.
Wellnes is included in the price for all the guests using accomodation packages.

Massage and healing techniques


Massage, during which the entire back, legs, hands and shoulders of the feet are massaged. This massage wonderfully relaxes the whole body, removes blocks and pains in the body and has a very good effect against stress.

50´ (1 450 CZK) 


It is a procedure that consists of a paraffin wrap (20 minutes), which contains natural hemp oil, which strengthens immunity and at the same time acts against pain in the joints, spine and

Muscles. This wrap is also suitable for skin problems. When the wrap is heated, active substances are gradually released. A partial relaxing oil massage (30 minutes) of the back and neck continues.

50´ (1 600 CZK)


Very effective peat wrap in combination with massage. First, a warm peat wrap is included and during the wrap they will massage your feet and relieve tension in your legs. This is followed by a back and neck massage focused on problematic areas and overall relaxation of the back and neck muscles and blocks.

Peat wraps are one of the spa forms of heat treatment. Their advantage is the use of a natural healing source. The temperature of the wrap is around 46 °C.  They are excellent for treating back and joint pain. This improves the tone of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, leads to deep warming and causes muscle relaxation and relaxation of connective tissue.

50´ (1 600 CZK)


The blend of essential oils of the name "Harmony" is the essence of happiness and helps us express satisfaction and pleasure. It strikes a balance between activity and rest, for everything that is in harmony brings success. The fragrance helps us to rise above the accumulated stress, releases repressed feelings, restores spontaneity and optimism, supports everything cheerful, happy, playful and positive. The aroma of a mixture of essential oils helps in overwork, soothes and nourishes, relaxes the imagination and promotes the pleasure of the senses. Aromatherapy is also used for massage. This is the release of the aroma of the herbal mixture from the aroma lamp or diffuser

60´ (1 600 CZK)


This massage balances the mind and body thanks to an ancient healing procedure using lava stones as a therapeutic tool. Heated volcanic stones penetrate deep into the muscles and remove all stress and tension.

60´ (1 600 CZK)


It is a procedure that consists of a paraffin wrap (20 minutes) containing natural organic lavender oil, which regenerates a tired body, soothes muscle and nerve parts and softens the skin. Then continues a partial massage (30 minutes) and finally lavender tea.

50´ (1 450 CZK)


This is a very pleasant massage. Therapy is carried out by pressing on specific places. We have reflex zones on the foot pads. By stimulating them, we awaken the flow of energy.

Putting pressure on the foot induces general relaxation and reflexively relaxes the target area. After the massage, there is an amazing feeling of light legs.

30´ (900 CZK)


This massage wonderfully relaxes the neck muscles and removes blocks or pain in the neck and neck area. Before the massage itself, we will warm your neck with a peat bag for the necessary muscle relaxation.


25´ (800 CZK)


Craniosacral therapy is suitable for both young children and adults.

It is a very gentle touch method that supports the body's innate ability to heal, brings psychological and physical relief, and can solve a number of health and psychosomatic problems. At the same time, this therapy can also be a natural way to calm down and relax, regular body care and a way of self-knowledge.

CST is based on the idea that each body contains the information needed to uncover the cause of any health problem. The therapist communicates with the body to obtain this information and helps support its own self-healing process. Using very moderate pressure and palpation, the therapist tests the freedom of movement and rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid pulsating inside the membranes. Using the techniques of this method, the craniosacral system is then able to harmonize and return the entire system to equilibrium.

          60´ (1 600 CZK) ,   90´ (2 200 CZK)


The basis is a harmonizing energy massage, which will stimulate the energy in the body. This is followed by chakra cleansing, chakra massage, replenishment and activation of the chakras from the back and front of the body.

The chakras harmonize, the person feels relaxed, rested. Energy can flow more freely through the body. The massage is relaxing, relaxing and soothing. Relieves tension, exhaustion, fatigue, regenerates and strengthens health. It harmonizes the body, helps to remove muscle and energy blockages. Chakra massage will lead you into deep relaxation and experiencing. It helps to find lost balance and joy of life.

                      60´ (1 600 CZK)


Maderotherapy is an anti-cellulite therapy. An alternative method of massage for clients who struggle with problem areas on their body. It greatly affects the lymphatic system.

                       50´ (1 450 CZK)


A natural way to contour the face, reduce the depth of wrinkles and soften the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen & elastane Rejuvenates the face, neck and décolleté.

                      25´ (800 CZK)


A very gentle technique with a feeling of deep relaxation and regeneration. Wrinkles and facial contours are significantly smoothed. It acts on the lymphatic system and accelerates the removal of waste substances.

                      25´ (800 CZK)

CUPPING (to order)

Deeply regenerating massage, when we apply glass flasks to create a negative pressure and thus release muscle spam. It also has a detoxifying effect and significantly affects the lymphatic system.

                    50´ (1 450 CZK)

Healing procedures


This spa relaxation program includes: hydro-massage tub with chromotherapy (20 min), relaxation massage of the whole body with oil of your choice (50 min.), hot body wrap with feet massage (30 min) and herbal tea on the end.

120´ (1 950 CZK)



This procedure will regenerate your organism with help of water jets. Relaxes body and spirit, helps with immunity.

20´ (400 CZK)


Wellness and Spa

Indoor heated pool 29°C
Pool size is 9 × 5 m with bubble bench and massage jets.

Steam sauna 45°C
It allows you to choose between a classic Finnish sauna, tropical spa and moist herbal baths. This procedure is an excellent alternative especially for those who are intolerant of high temperatures in the Finnish sauna. Steam is enriched with menthol flavor.

Finnish sauna up to 95°C
This is one of the oldest and most popular forms of regeneration. Sauna works positively on many body functions and organs, but also on our psyche. Stay in the Finnish sauna is suitable for healthy people who want to preserve and enhance their physical condition. It warms the body, relaxes muscles, improves skin circulation, cleans pores and removes stress.

A pleasant temperature of 35 ° C and heated seats are slightly and gently warming the whole body. This room is suitable for people with cardiovascular troubles, because it helps to activate the immune system without the excessive strain of blood circulation. Sit down comfortably and enjoy the view of Lysá hora and its surroundindgs…

Whirlpool tub with chromotherapy
It has a very positive effect on the body. Calms the body, refreshes the spirit, relieves pain, improves immunity and accelerates regeneration. Along with massages, this procedure falls into separately paid procedures.

And that’s not all… The wellness center in Beltine forest hotel in Beskydy offers multipoint massage shower, aroma-tropical rain, cooling mist, daring bucket and ice massage.
Guests accomodated at the hotel rooms and Garden apatmentu Honeymoon have free admission to Wellness and spa center. Guests can visit Indoor swimming pool from the morning, the other treatments from 15-20hod. After 20:00, you can rent a wellness center facilities at a price / 3000 CZK.

Kneipp bath
It is a water treatment using the alternating action of warm and cold water, which promotes tissue metabolism and blood flow. The Kneipp Spa is conceived uniquely at the Beltine Hotel in Beskydy: As an organic-shaped experience massage route.

Outdoor swimming pool 28°C
To all of you, who yearn for a little refreshment during hot days, we recommend visiting our heated outdoor pool of the size of 8 × 25 m. Relax on comfortable reclining chairs, surrounded by quiet wooded environment that guards Lysa horá itself. There will be a waiter there, who fulfills all your wishes. The heated outdoor pool is working during summer season.