Discover new flavors with us

We would be happy if your stay in our Hotel, was pleasant. As old saying says “love goes through stomach”. We believe you will fall in love with our in house made gourmet cousin. We care for freshness and quality so we can serve you gourmet specials every day based on whats fresh.Imagine breakfast with breath taking view at Lysá mountain. Smell fresh made coffee and start your day with once in life time experience. This is exactly Beltine forest Hotel


Every single night our chefs are cooking a six-course dinner menu, which is very popular. For cooking we preferably use local ingredients, which are always fresh. Our guests can enjoy the beautiful view and enjoy the good meal at the same time. Breakfast for our accommodated guests is made in form of an abundant buffet. Launch and dinner can be À la carte or simply chosen from our multi course menu.

Lounge bar

Barroom like no other. Allow the new experiences to be awaken and find new life inspirations. A plenty of mixed drinks, which are made from top shelf alcohol and homemade syrups. Every cocktail has own history and is exceptional for its flavor and taste.

Only for larger groups of people. Advance reservation required.


The scent from grilled meat in the summer time is very often lingering from our modern restaurant Koliba with beautiful deck to sit down. Don’t think anymore about the place for your family celebration or company party, just call us. We will prepare gourmet food, live music and accommodation in 9 garden appartments.