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Beltine – Where the soul bounds with nature 

Find moments of relaxation, relief from fast paced life in our four star resort. Beltine forest resort is located in the middle of beautiful Moravian Silesian Beskydy mountains.

Escape from the slepless city life to our Hotel and find beautiful mountain sceneries, calming atmosphere of Beskydy forests and of course quiet nights in one of ours luxurious rooms.

Enjoy delightful breakfast in our restaurant Panorama with captivating view at the queen of Beskydy mountains – Lysa hora ( bold peak). Dive into the silence, sometimes interrupted by crakling of tree branch or bidrs chirping. Experience peaceful atmosphere in our wellnes centre and finish off with romantic dinner and glass of fine wine.

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Accomodation packages

Dear guests,

We would like to invite you to spend the most beautiful time of a year in our hotel. You are welcome to visit us during Christmas or spend the New Year’s Eve in our beautiful forest hotel. Enjoy this special moment surrounded by romantic winter atmosphere in Beskydy Mountains.

We prepared for you 2 types of the stay from 3 nights with halfboard and wellness entry unlimited.


Pobytový balíček s wellness Beskydy

Wellness weekend prolonged 3 nights (October – December 2022)

Wellness služby pro dva hotel Beskydy

Christmas, New Year´s Eve 3 – 5 nights (22.12.2022-1.1.2023)

Ubytování pro dvě osoby Beskydy

Christmas, New Year´s Eve 6-10 nights (22.12.2022-1.1.2023)

Pobytový balíček s wellness Beskydy

Romantic stay 1 night (September – June)

Wellness pobyt pro dvě osoby na Beskydsku

Relax stay for 2 nights (yearlong)

Ubytování pro dvě osoby Beskydy

Summer stay 6 – 9 nights (May – September)

Velikonoční wellness pobyt pro dva v Beskydech

Easter stay 3 – 5 nights (5. – 10.4.2023)

Wellness služby pro dva hotel Beskydy

Relax stay 3 – 5 nights (May – September)

Gourmet moment

Beltine will make your taste buds dance after tasting one of our gourmet specialites. We promise you gourmet experience from breakfast to dinner.

Paradise of Beskydy mountains

Paradise of Beskydy mountains

Wellness and spa

In our wellness centre you will forget all your troubles of daily life. There is place waiting for you, where you calm your mind and energize your body.

Accomodation request

It only takes last step and you can start your vacations, which you will never forget.